Every project begins with the right tool!

Add dimension, detail, and intricate design to your art work with Mayco decorating accessories, creating visual interest and personal expression. We have the basic tools you'll need for constructing with clay, a wide variety of brushes & writing bottles for glaze application, and many stamps, mats & silkscreens for surface decorating.

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designer silkscreensDesigner Silkscreens

Mayco Designer Silkscreens are a great way to add intricate detail to your work. Each screen is 15” x 12” with different themes (Sealife, Nautical, etc) or patterns (Chevron or stripes). Combine  AC310 Silkscreen Medium with underglazes, Stroke & Coat® or Designer Liner to create a paste which is pushed through the screen onto bisque or unfired glaze surface.  Designer Silkscreens can also be used with acrylics or fabric paint and can be applied to other craft surfaces.

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Designer StampsDesigner Stamps

Mayco Designer Stamps create design for glaze and moist clay use.   Glaze is lightly applied to the stamp and pressed against your ware.  Stamps can be used to create outlines to which additional color can be added or used to apply your chosen colors. The flexible rubber material allows for use on curved shapes without compromising design. Stamp dimensions: 2”W x 6.75”L

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Designer MatsDesigner Mats

Based on the popularity of our Designer Stamps, we have developed a mat product for larger clay surfaces. These mats are 7” x 9”, made of the same material as our stamps for flexibility and ease of use. Like our stamps, our mats can also be used to apply glaze onto bisque ware.  

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Designer StencilsDesigner Stencils

Add creativity and fun to your artwork with Mayco Designer Stencils. Easily create patterns by applying ceramic glazes, acrylics, textured paints, pastes or other decorating media on ceramic, fabric, glass, paper, wood and more.

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xiem logoXiem Studio Tools

Enjoy a wide range tools created for clay and glaze decoration. Choose from Precision Applicators for glaze or slip trailing,  Decorative ribs and Art Rollers for adding detail to clay  and many other tools to enhance your work. 

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Glaze BrushesGlaze Brushes

Mayco’s glaze brushes are specifically designed to be used with ceramic glazes. They are a unique blend of Taklon for strength, durability and flexibility, with natural hairs that hold and evenly flow color.

Glaze Brushes, Perfect TouchTM, ReflectionsTM Available

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Writing and Design ToolsWriting and Design Tools

Mayco offers various decorating accessories such as AC230 Clay Carbon Paper and AC219 Designer Bottle with Writer Tip to facilitate surface design. 

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Press ToolsPress Tools

Press tools add unique patterns and designs to clay surfaces. Create interest in your work by pressing directly into the main project surface or by creating separate attachments. Smaller designs are great for stamping clay beads to use in creating jewelry.

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Sprig MoldsSprig Molds

For a quick way to create unique shapes with little effort, just press clay into these flat molds. Use shapes as a stand-alone design or as embellishments that add personal expression and cultural relevance to a project.

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Casting MoldsCasting Molds

Mayco’s Castables are ceramic casting molds that are easy, fun, educational and affordable. Creating greenware offers more versatility over bisque as the clay surface can be textured, cut and carved to create ornaments, collectables, sculptures, containers, night lights, or decorations.


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Clay FormsClay Forms

Mayco’s clay vase forms are easy, affordable molds that are great aids in hand building a basic form. Once shaped, the design can be altered by adding texture with stamps, press tools or sprigs, changing the size, or altering the form with handles, lids, or spouts to create unique teapots, pitchers or other vessels.

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