Our Business Partners

Wholesale Distributors, Retailers, Ceramic Studios

Mayco's products are available for sale and for use at our various business partners.  They provide a wide variety of services to support your pursuit of ceramics. Services include product supplies, technical support, training and workshops, studio access and much more. In addition to their in-store services many offer online purchasing, webinars and other training resources.

The three main types of partnerhips we maintain are described below. Use the general descriptions to decide which partner might best serve your ceramics needs.

Paint Your Own Pottery (PYOP) & Ceramic Studios

PYOP studios' basic offering to consumers is to provide a studio environment in which you can glaze and fire ceramic bisque. Consumers choose a predesigned, fired piece of ceramic ware ("bisque"), select colors, brushes and decorating tools (stamps, stencils, silkscreens, etc.), take a seat and enjoy the decorative process. Once the glazing is complete the studio will fire it for you - within a week you'll be able to collect your finished item.

Many studios offer additional services, such as classes, workshops, pottery-to-go (decorate at home, bring back to the studio to be fired), and design and decorating services (they will decorate and design unique items according to your wishes). Some have expanded beyond PYOP and offer clay activities (make your own ceramic bisque) and glass fusing and slumping.

Dealers & Retailers of Ceramic and Pottery Supplies

Dealer & Retail partners are primarily focused on selling ceramic and pottery supplies. Retail stores and teaching studios can differ by the type of ceramic activity they prefer: some specializing in mid-range, stoneware and potter supplies, others focused on traditional slip cast ceramics, and some who do it all. They primarily serve their local community with product supplies and classes.

Wholesale Distributors

Mayco distributors operate wholesale warehouses that stock and sell larger quantities (case lots) of product. They serve customers who are primarily business and/or institutional accounts, such as retail ceramic studios, school systems, parks and recreation programs, etc. They will usually stock and/or have on display kilns, potter's wheels, extruders and other large scale equipment. Most also offer retail sales and services similar to those listed above.