Top 10 Reasons to Make it Mayco!

Mayco’s passion for design and product innovation is our drive to constantly develop new creative tools and techniques with you in mind.

          1. Over 60 years of creating amazing color and specialty products for studios, teachers, students, and professional artists. We are dedicated to the pursuit of ceramic arts.

          2. Vibrant color selections from cone 06 to cone 10 reductions! “America’s Finest Colors” isn’t just our tagline. We strive to provide the highest quality products possible at an affordable price.

          3. Innovative Techniques – providing consumers new and creative ways to use products to intrigue artists of all levels.

          4. Stroke & Coat® - Known as The Wonderglaze, Stroke & Coat® is the industry’s most versatile product. It can be applied to wet clay, earthenware bisque or stoneware bisque, fired from cone 06 to cone 10, in oxidation or reduction. One coat will create a translucent finish with just 2-3 coats for solid color!

          5. Foundations® - The only true glaze that can be used as a base for majolica techniques or as a surface decoration glaze. Available in gloss opaque, gloss translucent and matte finishes.

          6. Designer Silkscreens - Mayco brings highly detailed illustrations, patterns, and graphics that go beyond your imagination. Select from over 20 themes to quickly screen on ceramics, glass or fabric.

          7. Flexible Designer Stamps and Mats - And when we say flexible we don’t just mean “bendable”. Impress designs on wet clay or press with glaze on bisque. Create a texture for fusing glass, or on fabric with acrylics!

          8. Founding member of Contemporary Ceramic Studios Association (CCSA) and active member in other education-focused organizations such as Council for Art Education, Arts & Creative Materials Institute, Society for Glass and Ceramic Decorators and the International Ceramic Artists Network (formerly Potter’s Council).

          9. Truly unique bisque designs. Staying current with design trends, our sculptors create a wide selection of functional, novelty, and decor bisque shapes - in both earthenware and stoneware.

          10. Award-Winning Continuing Education - Pottery Camp, Ceramic Camp, Product Discovery 1 & 2 and Everything but a Brush. At each of our camps, you will learn about product usage, design and application techniques – all while completing fun and creative projects!